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Dr. Oz Recommends

Dr. Oz Recommends Hair Powder for Hair Loss in Women

As aired on March 2, 2015 on The Dr. Oz Show, celebrity hairstylists, along with Dr. Oz, demonstrated how colored hair powder applied to roots can help conceal thinning hair and balding.

HairSoReal is a hair powder that offers women a great alternative to painful and costly hair transplants, as well as uncomfortable wigs. Hair powder is a protein derivative that bonds to and fattens hair fibers. As Dr. Oz said, "Hair powder is an inexpensive and very effective solution for thinning hair in women." Back in 2010, Dr. Oz applied the product to a woman's hair and the results were nearly instantaneous.

Dr. Oz's favorite way to disguise hair loss or thinning hair is to use hair powder, which comes in a variety of colors: black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, brown, dark blonde, ash blonde, and silver/grey. Dr. Oz has given several demonstrations on how to use hair powder on a few of his previous shows, and it is really amazing how well it can camouflage thinning hair or bald spots.

HairSoReal hair powder from LookWell is an amazing product that resolves the main problem associated with hair loss in women, which is the negative effect it has on physical appearance. Every time a woman looks in the mirror, she can see the devastating effects of hair loss. Hairstyling becomes very difficult; as the hair gets thinner, the scalp is exposed, and hair loss becomes very obvious. Thinning hair can greatly affect a woman's self-image and self-esteem.

HairSoReal is made from micro hair fibers, which can help conceal thinning and balding in both women and men.

HairSoReal Will Give You Back Your Looks and Your Peace of Mind

HairSoReal solves the problem of thinning hair and balding instantaneously. In seconds after application, you will be able to see thicker and fuller hair. You will also be able to style your hair the way you used to, and you will look years younger. The magic — because that is truly what it is — is the way the micro hair fibers attach to each strand of hair through the natural, static "cling" electricity of your hair. As the hair fibers land on your hair, they attach to it and additional fibers stick to those hair fibers. As this process continues, the hair fibers create a natural canopy of hair that completely covers thinning areas and the exposed scalp.

HairSoReal does not interfere with any treatments, and it is completely safe and natural. It gives you back your "looks" and your peace of mind. You will feel confident again and will not try to hide anymore. In the mirror, you will see yourself and not your thinning hair. For only pennies a day, you will once again feel young and attractive.

It does not matter if you just started losing your hair or if you are already wearing hats or wigs; HairSoReal can give you back your hair, your looks, and your confidence.

HairSoReal: Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed or Your Money Back

If you are not 100 percent satisfied with our product, simply return the unused portion. We will refund your payment, minus the shipping and handling costs. However, before you return it, we suggest you talk to one of our consultants. They are helpful in solving whatever concerns you may have about the product. They can help you maximize the effectiveness of HairSoReal.

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